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Screwdriver Birthday Cake

It’s kind of my tradition to make fun cakes for all my children’s birthdays.  I wonder how old they’ll be when they decide the don’t like this tradition anymore.  I’m sure it will become embarassing at some point.  :(

Anyhow, my son is obsessed with screwdrivers.

'nuff said

So, obviously, I had to have a screwdriver cake for him!  Despite my best efforts, I could not find any screwdriver cakes on the internet.  I googled it.  I pinterest-ed it (is that a word?).  No luck.  Lots of cakes made in honor of a certain cocktail by the same name, but none appropriate for a little man who would soon be 2.

I had to fend for myself and I think I did pretty well.  Here’s how I made the cake:

  1. I made a roll cake.  Any roll cake will do.  I’m pretty lazy, so I went with the boxed variety I found here.
  2. Freeze your cake.  This really is important.  Cutting and icing a cake that isn’t frozen really is twice as hard.  (don’t ask how I know….ahem)
  3. Cut triangular wedges out of the sides of the roll about 1/4 of the way down the sides.  This makes the taper of the handle.
  4. Ice with your base color.  I used brown (AKA chocolate), but feel free to get creative with some food color.
  5. Pipe on the colored squares for the handle.  The red part.  I used icing in a spray can because, that’s right, I’m lazy.  But, go ahead, put on your chef hat and use a piping bag.
  6. For the screwdriver handle I simple made Rice Krispie Treats.  While the mixture was still warm, I rolled a section of the treats into a greased piece of cling wrap to make a long tube.  Flattened one end of the tube into screwdriver end.  Once cooled, I coated with white almond bark and sliver sprinkles.
  7. Scoop out a section in the middle of your roll cake before inserting your screwdriver bit into the handle.  I used a little icing to seal in in place.  You might need some toothpicks to prop up that handle if it’s too heavy.
  8. Voila

Do you love it or do you love it?  Come on, be honest, I can handle it!

On Having A Sister…

Sometimes he wants to be Cinderella, too.  And I let him.  It’s good blackmail for later, right?

And I even paint those pudgy toes when he carries the bottle of polish around and whines, “toes, toes…”  It’s hard to resist.  He’s only trying to be just like his big sister, whom he idolizes.

P.S.  I have to choose a really light shade of polish when he makes his request otherwise my husband is none to happy.